How to Make the Best Crab Cakes

16 Jan

One of the most popular dishes of the people who reside near coastal areas is crab cakes. This is mainly because crabs are easily available in these parts of the world. Although crab cakes are enjoyed by many people from the coastal regions, the recipes vary significantly among these regions. The greatest difference among the recipes comes from the type of crab that is used. A majority of people believe that the blue crab has the best tasting meat. This blue crab is easily accessible to certain areas, and that is what makes it easy to use.

The basic recipes for crab cakes include bread crumbs, crab meat, some seasoning, eggs, and milk. The other common ingredients are red peppers, green peppers, and onions. Moreover, you can always get a recipe that has more natural flavors and is exotic and has less traditional ingredients. There are other recipes that would need the use of hot sauce, cream cheese, and even wild rice. When preparing crab cakes, it is essential that you have the right type of crab with you. A majority of recipes will demand that you use the lump crab meat. The fresh kind of lump crab meat comes from the one which is packaged in a tub. Visit site!

In case you find that one, it is the kind of crab meat that you would want to utilize. If you are unable to get tubs of lump crab meat, then canned crab meat would still work for most recipes. In most instances, jumbo lump crab meat would have already been cooked, and that makes the process of preparing your crab cakes more simple and easier. Preparation and cooking periods for your crab cakes differ, and that will depend on how you are cooking them. There are some recipes where you will have to mix the ingredients together and then keep it for some time.

On the other hand, others will have you combine the ingredients and then cook them immediately. When you are frying your cakes on the stove, after you have shaped them into a patty, you will mostly cook the patties for four minutes on each side. You will know the crab cakes are ready when they turn golden brown and they are crispy. You can also deep-fry your crab cakes if need be. If you do that, then they might take a longer period of up to seven minutes. When your crab cakes start to float, that is when you will know that they are done. For further details regarding crab cakes, visit

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